Stream TV Management

Mathu Rajan

Stream TV Founder & CEO

Mathu has a strong science background and was the co-inventor of a proprietary technology that was the basis for the company that he helped found.  In developing technology into a business he obtained four patents that now are in products sold at various retailers nationwide in the United States.

Mathu also has a background in finance and has been successful in the raising of substantial amounts on corporate financing.

Mathu founded Stream TV Networks, Inc. with the aim of bringing new media experiences to consumers around the world. He uses his science background to push the expansion of the Ultra-D 3D technology.  He has brought together skilled engineers in Europe, Silicon Valley, and Asia to create a technology team committed to introducing industry-changing solutions for media.

Raja Rajan

COO & General Counsel

Raja was a practicing lawyer licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. before entering entrepreneurship in technology and consumer products.  At Stream TV Networks he oversees operational aspects which primarily are in the area of capital transactions and business relationships and agreements (the technology area is handled in the subsidiary SeeCubic B.V.).

Prior to Stream TV, Raja gained experience in marrying his legal background with building a business from the inside and all that entails.  He oversaw raising growth capital at various stages and from different types of financial and strategic investors.  He helped manage deal structures which changed with the development of the company and, as importantly, the building and securing of intellectual property and business relationship contracts which can be the basis for investment capital.

Leo Riley

Vice President of Sales

Leo has over 35 years of sales and marketing experience in the consumer electronics and consumer technology products retail and distribution channels, during which he has witnessed the explosive growth and evolution of electronic devices as a major percentage of US household purchases.

Leo previously worked for companies such Sony Electronics, where he introduced industry changing products such as Sony Walkman™, Compact Disc and Mavica. He also was a principal with AB&T Sales a national sales and marketing manufacturer’s rep firm.

Bud Robertson

Vice President of Business Development

As a business development executive with a 30-year professional resume that includes extensive credits in film and television production, Bud is responsible for developing strategic alliances with content creators in the motion picture, television, gaming and digital signage industries.

Prior to joining Stream TV Networks, his film and television experience included dozens of projects for major producers like Walt Disney Studios, Warner Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Television, Lionsgate, ABC, CBS and AMC Networks.

SeeCubic Management

Hans Zuidema

Founder, CTO and General Manager

Hans is the Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of SeeCubic. As its founder and CTO, he is responsible for building the technology part of the company, which includes managing and executing technology development in various fields. Next to that he is responsible for building the operational infrastructure of SeeCubic, starting and running the operation, financial forecasting and HRM.

Hans has a background in material science, manufacturing processes and technologies. He worked on embedded LED’s, OLED’s, Quantum Dots, daylight harvesting glass and traffic management systems using light. He did his PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology on flow induced crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers after he finished his masters of engineering on the engineering aspects of polymer (processing) technology.

Hans was born in The Netherlands, is married and has two daughters