Glasses-free 3D technology for any type and size of a screen

Ultra-D combines specialized hardware, firmware and software working in harmony. The multi-layered optical system consists of specially engineered lenses bonded to a 4K panel as shown in the illustration below. Controlled by proprietary firmware at the sub-pixel level, the 4K panel displays images in a new way to take advantage of the special optics in front. The end result is a natural viewing experience and a display process that can be adapted to any type panel
(LCD, LED, OLED, plasma, etc.) on any size screen for any device (television, PC monitor, tablet, phone, etc.) Initial products for global release will be 50 and 55-inch televisions, with retail pricing and release dates to be determined by our brand partners. Televisions in additional sizes – both big and small – are currently in various stages of development, along with tablets, phones and all-in-one PC’s.