You might think 3D TV had died a painful death, and I’d have agreed… until I saw Ultra-D. It’s glasses-free 3D TV that works with almost any content, from old 480i/p broadcast TV to Blu-ray, including iOS and console games.
The company had a sizeable booth on the main floor filled with Ultra-D panels. They were the best-looking glasses-free 3D displays at the show… It was hard to believe that 3D conversion could be so seamless and effective—nevertheless the proof was on display for everyone to see.
Mark Henninger, AVS Forum
There were some other impressive, but not quite ready, glasses-free offerings, but the one that is, in my opinion, ready for prime time is the one from Stream TV Networks… Think about watching virtually anything you wish on TV, or on your computer, from broadcast stations, streaming video, from a DVD, in movie-theater-quality 3D in bright light with no glasses, being able to increase or reduce the 3D effect as easily as you can turn audio volume up or down, or even turn off the 3D effect and then have perfect 2D if you wish, with no blur or focus issues. Do you think I was impressed? Hell yes!
Dan Feinberg, PCB007
We were also shown Casablanca upscaled to 3D and 2160p from a 1080p Blu-ray. It was a great surprise to see a level of depth added to the black and white film that really pulled us in.
Luke Edwards, Pocket Lint
The Ultra-D experience was exciting and convincingly dimensional in terms of depth and perspective – performance that will engage everyone, even those viewing from an off-angle or further away.
Gary Reber, Widescreen Review
I thought it looked great and it confirmed that Ultra-D is the game-changing technology when it comes to glasses-free 3D.
John Sciacca, Custom Theater and Audio
What also makes Ultra-D standout from the competition is the use of their proprietary technology being used on any and all available TV panels. This means LED, LCD, 4K TVs and more. Then add in the fact they’ll offer upscaling from 1080p to 4K (and) the option to control and adjust the level of 3D, this technology is truly different than most.
Cory Gunther, Slashgear
One of the best features of Ultra-D is that it isn’t limited by the usual 3D viewing angles required; it looks the same from any angle.
Robert Bernstein, Den of Geek
Stream TV Networks reckons it’s cracked the conundrum with its Ultra-D 2160p glasses-free 3D TV technology, and from what we’ve seen at CES 2013, the results are pretty impressive.
Stuff Middle East
One thing is for sure, there’s no loss of brightness here and the lack of head tracking means there’s no limit on the number of people watching, or reduction in resolution as the screen has to divide its resources between them… The results were the best we’ve seen for such 2D-to-3D conversion.
Seth Barton, Expert Reviews
This could change the way viewers watch TV forever… The ability to watch movies without 3D glasses will be awesome to say the least and give the viewer the feeling of really being a part of what is going on on-screen in the ultimate fashion.
Day Daily
It’s not just Ultra-D is better than the Big Boys – it’s that there’s no comparison… How they’ve leaped far past the monolith companies is stunning.
[Ultra-D is] monumentally impressive, displaying some of the most eye-popping glasses-free 3D we’ve ever seen.
We had all but given up on finding the killer glasses-free 3D displays we had been hoping for. Then we stumbled upon the Stream TV Networks booth and our jaws proceeded to hit the floor.